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Don’t Wait to Write that Sequel

A recent article on writing your sequel.



It wasn’t the first dead body Derek Finley had seen.  He stepped carefully around the blood that pooled next to the corps lying face down on the throw rug with both hands out stretched, as if he tried to crawl away from the attack before taking his last breath.   The victim’s white silk shirt turned a dark crimson from the blood, showed six entry holes in the back.  Derek focused on the holes then clicked the button on the top of the camera causing the flash to fill the low-lit, posh hotel room.  Taking a step to his right, he snapped another picture of the wounds from a different angle.    A cold steel knot laid in the pit of his stomach, but not from the bullet-riddled body, as a patrol officer in Saint Cloud Minnesota, he had responded to several fatality accidents, some very gruesome, bullet holes did not compare to dismemberment.  Then later as a detective assigned to the drug task force, dealing with meth maggots, he had investigated shootings and knifings, it seemed where there were drugs, there was also murder.   No, the body on the floor was not what ate at him.  It was the little girl.   His jaw clinched again as his eyes moved to the photo on the coffee table.  Two jet-black pigtails stuck out from the sides of her little head.  Her face beamed with bright eyes, a large smile and cute dimples on her smooth brown skin.  She looked really happy, he thought.  Not that, smile for the camera cheesy smile but genuine joy, the joy of innocence that only a three-year-old little girl can know.   He felt his jaw clinch tighter as that knot twisted in his gut.  He brought his eyes back to the viewfinder on the camera, stepped to the right again and snapped another picture.   With his next step, now by the victim’s feet, he over exaggerated raising his foot up making sure to clear the empty brass 9mm shell on the glossy, marble tiled floor just off the edge of the rug.   Snap, another picture.

AP News: Mexico cops nab suspect in 75 drug cartel killings.

This sets the stage for my next book “Road of Revenge”!

Loss of a Fortune!

Posted: January 14, 2012 in Life in General

There are those who have amassed a great deal of wealth, through their own hard work, shrewdness and wisdom they have built fortunes and empires.  Many of those wealthy few are generous with their fortunes.  They give to charities, churches and other benevolent organizations a small portion of their wealth and for that we give them praise and honor, as we should.   Now, there are others who have a treasure of a different sort and these souls don’t give simply a portion of their treasure away, rather they give it all, to every person they meet and yet their treasure never diminishes.  Actually it increases.

I met a man twelve years ago who had been collecting such treasure all of his life from a variety of sources, holding each piece and locking it away in a very safe place.  Knowing the most intricate details of each piece, he would keep them close for comfort, changing one out for another, never letting any of them out of his reach.  Now, you might imagine this man a Scrooge or miser with his treasure.  But I found the opposite to be the case from the moment I met him, he gave me a piece of that treasure and I can not remember a time that I saw him that he didn’t give me at least one more.  Some times two, or three but every time, with a smile, a grin or a chuckle.

I know what you are thinking, “If he gave you some of his, he must now have less!”  Right?  No, in fact as he gave those bits of treasure to me I noticed a magical thing happen.  I would take those bits and put them in my own safe place and watch as he tucked them safely back into where he had removed them.  We both had the exact same treasure.  His generosity didn’t begin with me,  I soon found out that he was well known for giving the same blessing to everyone he met and I can tell you it did not end with me either.  My children have been blessed with his gifts many times.

That mans name was Herb Anderson and the treasure he had gathered all his life were the stories he had lived.   Not nonsensical fictional stories like I am prone to spin, but life stories sharing history, emotion and imparting wisdom.  I have heard stories of pride and joy when telling of his sons, stories of knowledge when he told of his families history and the thing he learned growing up.  I heard stories of success and a few of failure when he spoke of the things he had made and how those failures taught him the right way to do it the next time.  I heard many stories and learned many things from Herb all of which are now held tightly in my own treasure chest, but the story that has meant the most to me is not one Herb told me, rather the one he lived out in front of me.

Herb Anderson passed away January 9th 2012, He will be missed.  Thank you herb for sharing your treasure with my family.

Hello world!

Posted: January 12, 2012 in Life in General

Welcome to my blog!

Life is full of surprises and twists.  I never would have imagined, just a few years ago, that I would be writing novels or blogging  but life twisted and here I am.  My first novel Rock Bottom released on  September 14th 2011 and I am now working on two more books.