In 2005 Shane Adams followed his dreams, gave up a good career and opened a motorcycle shop. Just over two years later their county was hit by a record flood putting his business both literally and financially under water. After fighting to survive the flood, the economy tanked and motorcycle sales dropped by 90%. To add insult to injury their family home’s mortgage almost tripled. After struggling for another year Shane took a new job traveling across the country five days a week and working in his shop the other two. That lasted for a year and nine months until he closed the failing business. By that time the family home was in jeopardy. He spent months working with the bank trying to save it and thought he had. But a few months later he received a letter informing him that the bank had chose not to. That’s when he wrote his first novel “Rock Bottom”

Find more information at www.ninepublishing.com

  1. thecaptainpower says:

    Hey Shane, did your book sell well? I am working on my first book now, any advice?

    • It sold more than I thought it would or really planned on (see my latest blog). My biggest advice, is to use a good professional editor and don’t try to do it yourself. Second, format it for both print and digital media. What kind of book are you writing?

      • thecaptainpower says:

        Writing a book on working out/picking up chicks. Lol. Its more or less on the same theme of my blog, I have about 125 pages down, just editing it. Trying to get it up by may 1st, was going to use CreateSpace to get on amazon.

  2. I used CreateSpace for the print version and it turned out looking good. They did place the book on back order a few times. Who are you going to use for the e-book version?

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