My wife asked me once, “who are you writing for?” it became a hard question to answer. I didn’t start off writing “Rock Bottom” to publish, I wrote it because the story drove me nuts. The more I wrote the more that filled my brain and I had to get it out, I wanted to know how the story ended after all.

When I finished the first section, I handed it to my son to read. He is an avid reader, who has read more books by the age of 18 then anyone else I know and I figured he would make a good judge of what I had just written. He loved it! “Dad are you writing a book?” I shrugged off the question, telling him that I was just writing for fun but in the back of my mind I began to wonder if I could.

As I worked through the first chapters, I shared it with a few other friends. Their encouragement spurred me on to write at a faster pace. By the time I reached the half way point my son stopped referring to it as my “book” and started calling it my “novel”. My wife began asking me at that point how I was going to publish it. Never being trained in the art of fiction writing I didn’t feel I had the talent to be published, so I blew off the question and began looking for ways to self-publish so at least my children would have a copy of my book. Not intending to profit from the book I self edited (a blog subject of its own for another time) and used a print on demand publisher, who release it on Amazon. In less than a month we had skyrocketed in ranking on Amazon to 41,893 out of the millions of books available. That’s when I decided I had better look at making the finished product more professional. Typos were acceptable when it was just going to family, but paying customers deserve a better product.Over the months that followed I learned a great deal about writing, editing, typesetting, formatting and publishing.

I have come to the realization that I write for me, I publish that other might enjoy what I have written and I market the book in hopes that I might earn from my work. I now have a professional fiction editor re-editing “Rock Bottom” and will be rereleasing it soon.

Who are you writing for?

  1. thecaptainpower says:

    You got my motivated now!!! You might have to lose a lot of money again to write rock bottom 2 !!! just kidding, keep up the good work!!!

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